The CREATE Scholars Program

The CREATE Scholars Program is an opportunity for University of Minnesota graduate students interested in community-engaged research addressing issues at the intersection of environment and equity. This unique graduate training program will give you the skills to interrogate how engaged scholarship can be incorporated into your disciplinary practice, all while working to resource CREATE’s community-based partners with high-quality research products. 

We are looking for graduate students interested in:

✓ Expanding your societal and environmental impact
✓ Enhancing your leadership potential
✓ Creating new connections and collaborations

2019 CREATE Scholars, CREATE staff, and Parks&Power organizers on the River First Tour with the Minneapolis Parks Foundation

This experience includes three components over a 12 month period:

Gain skills in co-problem formulation, cultural competency, community engaged research, and the science of collaboration through enrollment in a one-credit course on environmental leadership and engaged scholarship. The course requires an average of two hours per week of reading, reflection, skill-development, facilitated conversations, guest lectures, and other course activities.

Work with communities on real-world problems at the nexus of water and equity through a paid eight-week full-time (40 hours per week) summer externship experience. Externships for the summer of 2020 will be conducted in collaboration with community organizations based in Minneapolis and down the Mississippi River corridor.

Continue your engagement with the CREATE community of practice through the Fall of 2020 where scholar activities will focus on reflection, impact assessment, and building broad and diverse professional networks. 

Program Application

We are not currently accepting applications for the CREATE Scholars program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

Any student currently-enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program (Masters, PhD, etc.) at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus. All colleges, schools, departments and degree programs are eligible to participate.

I am an international student. Can I apply?

Yes! There were international students who joined our 2019 cohort, and we welcome the diversity of thought and life experiences!

Can students bring their own research partners to their CREATE externship experience?

No, because CREATE has built our model of engaged scholarship on deep and accountable relationships. In order to stay accountable to these existing relationships and authentically resource our community-based partners, we are limiting the externship opportunities to members of our Policy Think Tank.

How are scholars supported?

CREATE Scholars will join a supportive community of practice that provides mentorship, skill development, a summer stipend, and engagement with external partners.

Do you have to have expertise in some topic related to CREATE whether its water equity social justice sustainability?

No, we had scholars in our 2019 cohort majoring in everything from social work and communication studies to chemical physics and child development. In all we had nine different colleges across the university represented in our current scholars cohort. One of the goals of the CREATE Scholars Program is to figure out how you can apply ethically-grounded community-based research to your own disciplinary background.

Do I have to be in residence in the twin cities for the full year?

Yes, you have to commit to being in residence during that entire time from January to December 2020. This will ensure that you can participate fully in all aspects of the program.

To view some of the work products that past CREATE Scholars have put together, view our Research Products page. For more information, view this webinar about the CREATE Scholars Program with CREATE co-PI Bonnie Keeler and sign up for the CREATE newsletter! 

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