Sharing in the Benefits of a Greening City

Public investments in parks and green infrastructure have historically created wealth for some communities while displacing and disenfranchising others. The legacy of these detrimental impacts have disproportionately hurt Indigenous communities, communities of color, and low-income and working class communities. At the same time, communities that have been underserved by urban greening also bear a disproportionate burden of environmental harms through degraded air and water quality, poorly maintained infrastructure, and lack of access to urban nature. 

Recent trends in green investments replicate these historic patterns by harnessing the value of greening to capitalize on real estate, and in turn threatening the ability of marginalized communities to stay in place. Despite green gentrification pressures, our community-based partners have been tirelessly working to improve environmental conditions in their communities, all with economic, environmental, and racial justice at the forefront. In doing so they state definitively that green gentrification does not negate a mandate for access to high quality green infrastructure. 

Instead, our partners have asked: What does it look like to envision green spaces as sites through which to build a more equitable and just world? Sharing in the Benefits of a Greening City is a toolkit that comes out of this question.

You can download the entirety of the toolkit here or explore its contents by topic below. If you would like to request a physical copy (or copies) for personal, teaching, or organizing purposes, let us know by emailing We are able to provide this resource for free in limited quantities. If you would like to request a larger number of copies, we will work with you to make it happen!


Have you used the toolkit in your workplace, in a workshop, in a discussion group? Are you interested in connecting with other organizations and advocates to strategize and coordinate responses at the intersection of housing and environmental justice? We want to hear from you!

At CREATE, we are working to build a database of practitioners and leaders who are committed to addressing green gentrification and who might benefit from using the CREATE toolkit as a resource; we know that a toolkit alone cannot be effective without strong relationships and communities of support. Along the way, we want to hear from you about what parts are most useful and what pressing questions remain unanswered. If you have used the toolkit or have plans to do so, please get in touch with us at

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